About me

I have learned to respect nature and also a lot of hunting practices from my father in my early childhood. In order to document the adventures beside my father, first I took a simple photo camera in hand, in 1973. I used it with moderate success but parents supported my intension of taking nice outdoor pictures. So, I dig in photography deeper and deeper and realized that taking a good picture on wild animals is a bigger challenge than baging them while hunting.

The introduction of the digital technology has opened a new word and I took the challenge of relearning everything about photos and lab works. Now, I am enjoying it and I am looking forward new opportunities of catching never seen moments of our wonderful nature.

For these long years of outdoor experiences I had the chance to visit and admire the wild life of several countries of Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe but obviously the closest to my heart is Hungary which is still a real paradise for any dedicated wildlife photographer.