Many of my friends ask me: How can you make pictures like that? What is the secret?

There are several secrets of doing it:

Secret No.1. - Knowing nature, and their creatures.

You have to be familiar with wild animal behaviors, their habits and major rules of their natural habitat to be successful. Prepare yourself to understand them.

Secret No.2. - Patience

Be prepared to wait hours and even days hiding in the bushes. Keep your finger on the shutter button all the time not to miss that very second of taking one picture.

Secret No.3. - Good luck

You definitly need some luck being at the right place in the right time. God may help you if you have also done some good to his creatures.

Secret No.4. - Vision of a picture

You have to realize or find what might be the subject to show in the overall outdoor surroundings or imagine yourself a picture and work out how you can position yourself to be able to take it.

Secret No.5. - Miles to go

You have to be professional in using your camera. While you concentrate on catching the right moment you have no time the calculate the correct exposition. It must come out of your hand automatically like shifting gears in your car. Therefore, you have to go thousands of miles obtaining such a routine.